UC Application Tips and GPA Calculation

The UC Application is due on November 30th and my seniors are starting to trickle in more frequently with questions. Here are some helpful resources I have found related to applying to the UC system. Happy applying!

Calculating your weighted UC GPA

If you are looking to calculate your weighted UC GPA keep these tips in mind and access this UC Calculation Guide for a more thorough example.

  • Have your transcript in front of you (ask your counselor for an unofficial one)
  • Cross out 9th grade
  • Cross out any classes that are not A-G approved (for example: PE, Yearbook, Freshman Seminar, Health)
    • You can access a list of A-G approved courses for any school here: UC Doorways
  • Highlight any UC approved AP/Honors courses (again check UC Doorways, some 10th Grade Honors level may not be UC weighted approved)
  • If you have a D or F and have retaken the exact same course to validate the grade you can remove the lower D/F grade from the calculation
  • Count all of your A-G grades earned (each grade, every semester)
  • You can use this example of how to keep track of grades and points
    • (A) 4 X
    • (B) 3 X
    • (C) 2 X
    • (D) 1 X
    • (F) 0 X
  • Add up all of your As, Bs, Cs, Ds and Fs and write the total number next to the appropriate category
  • Multiply across
  • Add the total points from all of your A-G classes
  • Add any extra highlighted, weighted points (maximum 8 points) For example if you took AP Biology and received an A and a B you would add two extra points to your total
  • Multiply the total points by the total number of classes and you have your GPA!

Remember this is a quick-tip review for how to calculate your GPA, access the UC Calculation Guide and also access the UC website for a more in depth explanation.

UC-Application-loginApplication Facts and Tips

The following comes straight from the UCSB Admissions Newsletter Source: UCSB Office of Admissions

The UC application submission is now open! Submit your online application at www.universityofcalifornia.edu/apply. The application will be open until November 30 at 11:59 p.m. PST for on-time submission.

  • Want help writing your UC personal statement? View our Personal Statement Tip Sheet or check out our pre-recorded UC Personal Statement webinar.
  • Watch our pre-recorded UC Application webinar for tips on filling out the UC application.
  • Transcripts are not required with your application.
  • UC does not ask for letters of
    recommendation. UCSB College of Creative Studies applicants will be required to submit their supplemental application opening in mid-November and due on either January 11, 2016 (for Art, Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Computing, Music Composition or Writing and Literature) or February 5, 2016 (for Mathematics or Physics).
  • Auditions are required for both Dance and Music. Click for more information: Music auditions and  Dance auditions.
  • Need help choosing a major? Browse the comprehensive Careers by Major list on the Career Services site for helpful information.

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