U.S. Naval Academy College Tour

I was able to visit the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland this week and learned some pretty amazing information about the institution. I have broken down the post into three sections to help: 1. Admissions and Applying 2. Opportunities at the Academy 3. My Subjective Opinion

Admissions and Applying

Class of 2019 Admission Profile

Of about 17,000 applications, 1,191 accepted. (Please note, that a majority of applications are automatically turned away because they are incomplete, if you are a student submits all documents by the deadlines the selectivity level goes down)

73% Male, 27% Female, 37% Minority (including first generation)

90% of applicants admitted were ranked in the top 20% of their class.

How to prepare

Students do not necessarily need to be involved in JROTC on their school campus. A genuine interest/commitment and passion into a sport, club or activity throughout high school is important.

Characteristics the academy looks for:

  • Leadership
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Strong character (can be evidenced by letters of recommendation or involvement in activities)

Solid A’s and B’s and Physics, Chemisty and Pre-calc or Calculus. (if a student has C’s freshman year or in a course other than math/science, it is not weighed as heavy as if the student had C’s in Chemistry, Physics or a Math course)

Summer seminar, sports camps and summer programs at the academy:

  • Summer seminar gives a taste of campus, midshipmen life (regimented schedule of studying, working out, teamwork and camaraderie at the academy) If students apply and are admitted to the summer seminar at the academy, their application is considered “open.”

Summer prior to Senior Year:

  • Obtain a nomination (must have a nomination from either the local congressional office, state senate or vice president
    • Reaching out to early local congressional office and asking about the nomination process
      • Some offices require an application process for a nomination or a letter of recommendation so start early
      • (Congressional offices have 10 nominations per year to give to students wanting to apply) Candidates (a.k.a. applicants) are required to have a nomination in order to complete the application process.

Senior Year

  • Begin application online
  • Application is due by January (get application in early and admissions may make recommendations in order to help your application
  • Complete Physical Fitness test (go online and get instructions, may be completed by P.E. teacher or a Blue and Gold officer
  • Admissions look for the “whole person concept” (academics, character and physical fitness)
  • Follow and complete ALL aspects to admission (must all be complete in order to be eligible to apply)
  • Submit test scores, complete medical exam
  • Check all requirements on the website and ask for help from your counselor or the Naval Academy admissions if you have any questions.

Things to remember

  • Apply! If you do not meet requirements they will recommend either a prep school or one year at a college to work on academics (specifically advancing in math or science) and reapply
  • If you can participate in summer programs or visit campus, DO!

Opportunities at the Academy

  • Over 65% of students participate in a STEM major
  • Students will complete a capstone project their senior year
  • Students do not make their obligation to serve in the military for 5 years after graduation until right before the first class their Junior year. (there is no recruiting or push to sign, students have no obligation)
  • Top engineering facilities
  • Study abroad options
  • Graduate and enter the service as an officer
  • Job opportunities in either the Navy/Marine Corps (aviation, engineering, medical, etc.)
  • Division 1 athletics, intramural sports and club teams

My Subjective Opinion of the Academy

The U.S. Naval Academy is a place of integrity, honor, respect, diligence and home to some of the hardest working students I have seen. Students eat together, workout together and truly build a camaraderie not found anywhere else. When admissions are there to visit your high school or talk with your son or daughter, they are not recruiters. I purely got the sense that if a student is interested in pursing a path to service and wants to receive an education and a top career right out of graduation, this is the place for them. With over 80 percent graduating in four years and room to explore and grow, students are set up for success and to be placed in a career right out of the gate. They are honest in their efforts to explain the military component to families and are helpful throughout the entire process. I was amazed at the students at the Naval Academy and the facilities they offer (specifically in engineering).

If you cannot visit the Academy and are interested in hearing more, visit http://www.collegeweeklive.com to get a virtual information session. Pictures to come soon!

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Author of The College Wellness Guide. Beverly Hills High School College Counselor.

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